The Piast Castle

The Piast Castle

Published: 18.09.2019 / Section: Heritage sites  Highlights  Museums 

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One of the oldest sites in Gliwice, known as the Piast Castle, remains a subject of studies by historians, as many topics related to its initial use and looks still remain largely a mystery. It is known that the site was used for various purposes over the centuries, however, it was mainly used as a prison, the existence of which is documented in sources from early 16th century until 1910s. The site was presumably used as a prison already in Middle Ages, however, it could also be used as city arsenal at that time. This building was certainly never a princely castle and the current name of Piast Castle was coined in 1980s. It is assumed that the building was a result of several expansion stages of two neighbouring towers and of adaptation of a city wall section connecting the towers. Subsequent modifications, mainly of the sides of the site, resulted in further changes to its structure and facade. 

The current visual side of the building is a result of renovation of the Old City in Gliwice which took place in 1950s under the supervision of Franciszek Maurer. A branch of Museum in Gliwice has been functioning here since 1960. The period of 2005–2008 saw renovation works at the site, co-funded by the European Union and the state treasury as a part of the Integrated Regional Operational Programme (ZPORR).

The main part of the investment included creation of a new, fixed exhibition titled as "Gliwice – city of many cultures", covering prehistory, ethnography and history of Gliwice and of the region. Objects gathered here mainly include guild memorabilia from 17th and 18th centuries, memorabilia from the period of Silesian Uprising and the plebiscite, activity of Union of Poles in Germany, as well as a rich collection of photographs (from 19th and 20th centuries), comprising an iconographic documentation of the city and of industrial sites in Upper Silesia. An attractive part of the collection hosts military objects, including weaponry of ancient Japan – Samurai swords and armour, Chinese and Korean swords.


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The Piast Castle The Piast Castle The Piast Castle The Piast Castle The Piast Castle