OsiR Hall

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OsiR Hall

photo: Silesian University of Technology

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ul. Akademicka 26
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The OSiR Hall of the Silesian University of Technology Sports Center is a place with long traditions. It was built in the 1970s. Since then, occasional small city events have taken place there, boxers, basketballers, and volleyball players fought here for their league duels. Today, the hall is used by students for didactic purposes  and after the learning hours basketballers and volleyball players from Gliwice clubs and sports sections still practice there. The facility also houses a second small hall intended for judo classes. Here, the AZS Gliwice judo section is located, which is a significant success on the national arena. The hall is also adapted to organize events, fairs, concerts, shows and conferences.

The facility offers 1 full-size basketball or volleyball court, a small hall for judo and other martial arts, gyms, a 1000-spectaor auditorium , 15 hotel places and a coffeehouse.

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