Travel to Gliwice

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It is easy to reach Gliwice. The city is located in the south of Poland, on the Kłodnica River, in the western part of Silesian province, at the junction of important traffic routes. The A4 motorway runs through Gliwice, and intersects with the A1 motorway here. A three-level grade-separated crossing is located in Sośnica district, in eastern quarter of the city. Taking the A4 one can drive from Polish-German border in Zgorzelec/ Görlitz to Krakow, and when it is completed this 670-km-long road will connect the western and eastern(Polish-Ukrainian) border of the country. The A1 motorway is targeted to run from the north to the south, connecting the sea with the mountains.

Railway transport:

The railway station in Gliwice is one of the most important railway stations in Poland. Railway administers connections to the most important Polish cities, the station also fulfils a role of a transfer node in the regional railway transport.
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Air transport:

The nearest international airport Katowice-Pyrzowice  is 43 km away from Gliwice. It administers direct connections with Warsaw, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Vienna and Stuttgart, as well as charter connections with Egypt, Spain, Tunisia, Greece and Bulgaria, and via Frankfurt with all larger airports in the world. There is a sports airfield in Gliwice adjusted to receive light passenger aircraft of the business taxi type.

The nearest border crossings

  • Chałupki - Gliwice - 52 km – Polish-Czech border,
  • Zwardoń - Gliwice - 128 km – Polish-Slovakian border,
  • Medyka - Gliwice - 373 km – Polish-Ukrainian border,
  • Zgorzelec - Gliwice - 313 km – Polish German borde