Gliwice Technical Appliances Plant

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Gliwice Technical Appliances Plant

photo: Gliwice City Hall

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ul. Wincentego Pola 16
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The former Prussian Cast Iron Foundry, broadly referred to as Gliwice Steelworks, was erected by John Baildon. In 1796 the first coke-fuelled furnace in Central and Eastern Europe was launched here. It was one of the most advanced plants at the time, famous for the production of weapons and artistic castings. Such sculptors and casters as Theodor Kalide or August Kiss worked there.

A new period in the history of the plant commenced in 1945, when Gliwice Technical Appliances Plant came into being. The production focused on cranes, port cranes, steam boilers, as well as decorative commemorative plaques and statues. This is the very place where the statue of Nike in Warsaw or the monument of Silesian Insurgents in Katowice were made. The historic complex of buildings includes office buildings from 1786 and 1804, a clinic from 1786, a laboratory from 1830, baths, a kitchen, a warehouse of models (ca. 1850), as well as industrial halls (formerly of the blast furnace and the foundry) and the cast iron foundry.

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