Ligota Zabrska (1)

Added: 24.05.2011 / Category: Tereny inwestycyjne
Address data
district: Ligota Zabrska

A property comprising the plots Nos. 537/2 (0.9519 ha) and 538/2 (1.1070 ha) of the total surface area of 2.0589 ha is located in the vicinity of the junction of the A1 and A4 motorways.

The plot 537/2 comprises areas intended for industrial and service development, whereas the plot No. 538/2 belongs to a group of commerce and production areas. The access to the plots in question shall be via an access road L2.

In 2010 these grounds were granted a title of a Finalist in the 4th edition of an all-Poland’s competition “Medal Deserving Grounds”

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