Christ the King Church

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ul. Okrzei 31
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+48 32 231 52 72
+48 32 231 40 44

The church was erected due to the inflow of German people in the 1920s. The efforts to build a temple in Zatorze started in 1930, and only 4 years later the construction site was blessed. The author of the design was Karl Mayr. Under his eye, the construction works were progressing very quickly and already in 1935 the building shell was ready!

The temple is made of bricks. It is built on a rectangular floorplan, in the form of a no-transept basilica. In 1937 the oculi of the aisles were enriched with beautiful stained glass windows, depicting saints and biblical scenes and symbols. In 1955 an altar dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help was built in the aisle.

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