"Nowe Gliwice" Education and Business Centre

"Nowe Gliwice" Education and Business Centre

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"Nowe Gliwice" Education and Business Centre

photo: Z. Daniec / Gliwice City Hall

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ul. Bojkowska 37

The "Nowe Gliwice" ("New Gliwice") Education and Business Centre is a revitalised complex of the former "Gliwice" Coal Mine. Nowe Gliwice is a successful example of how industrial areas and infrastructure can be adapted to business, educational and cultural uses.

This complex of buildings of the former Gliwice mine was designed in 1912 by Georg and Emil Zillmann from Charlottenburg. The most important area include a pithead building with a bath and a water tower and a machine building. The former pithead building is a seat of the Gliwice School of Entrepreneurship and of the House for Polish-German Cooperation. This building, erected on the foundations of the former mine management building, is used for scientific and educational purposes. Offices are located in the director’s villa. Further office and storage space and a conference and training room are available in the machine building. The building also houses the Artistic Casting Department of the Museum in Gliwice. A permanent exhibition in the department is one of the first modern, interactive and multimedia museum exhibitions in Silesia, and displays rare historical artefacts from a rich collection of artistic cast iron. Art castings, mainly 19th century products from Gliwice's Royal Cast Iron Foundry and 20th century castings, are complemented by rich iconographic materials and specialist commentaries on the history of artistic casting in Gliwice, industrial development in the 19th century, the revolutionary role of cast iron, and the history of the region and the city. The Artistic Casting Department is part of the Silesian Industrial Monuments Route.

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"Nowe Gliwice" Education and Business Centre
photo: Mosquidron / Gliwice City Hall