Chrobry Park

Chrobry Park

Published: 18.09.2019 / Section: Highlights 

ul. Kaszubska 25


Chrobry Park is the largest municipal landscape park and one of the best places for outdoor pastimes. In the central part of the park there is an exceptional playground, furnished with rockers, all sorts of swings, merry-go-rounds, and the main attraction – a great rope playground. Nearby there is also a boulodrome, that is a court for playing boules, and nine disc golf baskets. There is also an outdoor gym, a sky skateboard, a rodeo, and a merry-go-round. The park fitness trail offers a bench, a barbell, ropes, steps, balustrades, bars, hoops, and climbing frames. Within the entire perimeter of the park there are also comfortable deckchairs and platforms where you can take a rest, as well as fabulous plants: perennials, bulb plants, trees, shrubs, and lawns.

Chrobry Park Chrobry Park Chrobry Park Chrobry Park