Published: 18.09.2019 / Section: Highlights 



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An airport covering about 50 ha is situated in the southern part of the city. The airport is owned by the Gliwice Aeroclub. It is used for leisure (gliding, parachuting, planes, modelling and paragliding units), small aviation operations, and parachute training for airborne military forces. A paved runway and further infrastructure is planned in the coming years.

The airport has been in use since 1916, and as a passenger airport since 1925. Flights to Odessa, Tehran, Hamburg, London and Vienna depart from here. A famous airship, the Zeppelin, took part in an air show here in 1931, which was attended by nearly 200,000 people!


  • 50’16’09.90″N 018’40’22.05″ E / 294.73 m / centre RWY 10/28.
Airport Airport