Academic District

Academic District

Published: 12.09.2019 / Section: Highlights 

ul. Akademicka


The heart of the campus of the Silesian University of Technology is Akademicka street. It boasts a promenade full of greenery, with a representational square and a fountain, as well as street furniture with decorative elements the style of which refers to the coat of arms of the Gliwice-based Alma Mater. The illumination of the district is consistent with the provisions of the masterplan for the city of Gliwice. The path of light, that is a tract running along Schabik’s axis from Piłsudski square to the University, and further on to Arena Gliwice, is marked with blue LED marker lights mounted on lamp posts. There are also car parks with a registration plate recognition system at the entrance, a cycling lane, and city monitoring cameras.

Academic District Academic District